Three Great Sites for Understanding the Economy, the Polls, and the Campaigns' Claims

We've got a presidential election coming up and we're in the throes of an economic meltdown. The media isn't providing much understanding. The debates don't help all that much either. So here are three sites that do a great job of consolidating clear, useful information.Untwisting the Campaigns' Claims: Most of the claims we've heard in the debates so far have been misleading. The candidates are expert at twisting facts and spinning. But we've been really impressed with CNN's well edited Fact Check column.Keeping Up with the Polls: To get all the day's polls, incorporated into one simple, yet comprehensive electoral map, check The campaigns themselves use it to stay informed.Making Sense of the Money Meltdown: It is remarkable how little understanding one comes away with listening to the 24-hour saturation coverage of the credit crisis/mortgage meltdown/bailout-rescue plan given the saturation coverage in the media. The Money Meltdown consolidates and organizes the best information so you're not just swimming in terrifying gibberish and superficialities. Thanks to Atley and Max.