To Dam or Not to Dam? A Low-tech Water Solution

Interesting idea being floated by a group of environmentalists in the Northwest, which, like many other parts of the country, is beginning to grapple with what happens when they run out of water. (Click through to get an idea of what the mood is in Oregon and Washington. )The biggest concern is a shortage of water during the summer months, when irrigation and recreation put strains on a dwindling supply. Naturally, the kneejerk big-ticket suggestion is constructing an expensive, labor- and resource-intensive dam. The Lands Council, though, has a potentially better-and more environmentally sustainable, and less expensive-idea: Get beavers to do it !Washington State is intrigued, and has forked over $30,000 to the Council (which is peanuts, all things considered), to see what they and their beavers can come up with. I would love to see this effort succeed. Stay tuned.Image via