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To the Soda Industry, from Papa Bear: A Rebuttal

My family and I take some offense to the soda industry's characterization of the little video we made as being "irresponsible and grandstanding" and "distorting the facts." We bears aren't ones to exaggerate. Does us no good in a harsh polar environment. We're realists—a straight-shooting kind, driven by keen survival instincts.

Humans however get confused about what they need to survive. And they make lots of bad choices, like drinking way more soda and sugary drinks than they should. It's hardly their own fault, it's part of their ancient brain. They're animals too and they get wound up by their eyes and noses just like we do. But we don't have so many bad choices.
My character in the film drank himself sick and legless. He isn't alone, hundreds of millions of humans get sick from what they eat and drink. FYI: Real bears don't do this. We were playing humans! And we feel deeply for the people we represent in the video, it's why we agreed to do it in the first place.
It's important that people know the facts about sugary drinks so they can make better choices for themselves. That's why we loaded our film up with real human scientist facts. So if the soda industry has a bone to pick with our facts we invite them to be specific about which ones. The fine folks from GOOD have offered to let you respond in an unedited fashion. They will fact check you though.
Turns out we polar bears are as worried about you all as you are about us. : )
Kind Regards,
Papa Bear

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