A Toddler Helps His Baby Brother Escape From A Crib In The Most Genius Way

Impressive teamwork aside, this might be the most adorable jailbreak ever caught on camera.

If you’re looking for an example of brotherly love, childish mischief, and some truly impressive problem-solving skills, look no further than this baby monitor footage showing the Great Crib Prison Break of 2017. The parents, more impressed than angered, were quick to post the video, which immediately went viral on Facebook.

Set on freeing his little brother, Finn, older brother Oliver clears the area below the crib, tosses a chair to his incarcerated sibling, and instructs him how to use the chair to scale the crib walls to find freedom. Throughout the stunt, the older brother offers words of encouragement such as “I’ve got it, Finn” and “You can do it, Finn!”

Finally, facing one last obstacle, the Oliver compels his brother by saying “Just jump to me. Jump, Finn!”

They both then fall to the carpet, free and no worse for the wear.

The older sibling then hugs his brave little brother. “You got it, Finn,” he says as the two scramble out the nursery door onto their next adventure.

It’s hard to get mad at such an impressive and loving attempt at freeing a sibling, even if the circumstances were a little dicey.

The two have already become internet-famous among family friends in their native Oklahoma.

I could watch these two work through obstacles all day long, so here’s to hoping a TV producer’s sketching up the premise of Finn and Ollie: The Early Years.


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