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9 Things at the 2016 International Toy Fair That Will Blow Your Child’s Mind

It’s the largest toy fair in the Western Hemisphere.

Last weekend, the 113th North American International Toy Fair—the largest toy fair in the Western Hemisphere—took place at the gigantic, glassy Javitz Center in New York. At the event for one day, I saw exactly three children. Their scarcity may have been a good thing, because with all the tantalizing toys on display, bringing a child here would be almost cruel. Below are some of the offerings that wowed the crowd.


CHiP, a pint-size white robot with blue glowing eyes, responds to a wristwatch-style “smart band.” According to the website, the robot dog “feels hungry, needs attention, loves to play, and goes to sleep.”

Odyssey’s Pocket Drone

Odyssey Toys released a Pocket Drone that’s collapsible and can fit into a pocket, but still has video capability.

Litiholo’s Hologram Kit

An affordable ($99.99) kit that allows everyday people to make holograms.

PieceMaker’s 3D printing kiosk

PieceMaker has created 3D printing kiosks that allow you to walk into a storefront and purchase your own customized 3D-printed products. The gum-machine-type objects (hearts, figurines, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle heads) take about 20 minutes to build.

SpaceRail’s ultimate marble roller coaster

These intricate marble roller coasters were everything those old wooden contraptions were trying to be.

Waba Fun’s Mad Matter

Waba Fun, maker of Kinetic Sand, has a new product, Mad Matter, that is even stretchier and more pliable.

waba fun's kinetic sand

Geomag’s magnet creature, Kor

Geomag, maker of magnetic rods and ball bearing building sets, has a new line geared toward younger kids, Kor, whose little space alien creatures are made by clicking fitted pieces together over a metal ball. “We call it a Rubik’s Cube meets Mr Potato Head meets LEGO,” says Geomag relationship manager Anthi Ferrentinos.

Actev Motors’ Smart-Kart

The first electric go-cart of the future for kids.


Lionel’s Mega Tracks

In this speedy rail system, vehicles zoom around a flexible monorail track.

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