Trailer Treasure

The trailer park–that ubiquitous, often dreary fixture of the American landscape–is about to get a makeover.

The trailer park-that ubiquitous, often dreary fixture of the American landscape-is about to get a makeover. As part of a project called TrailerWrap, Michael Hughes, an architect and professor at the University of Arkansas, has converted a traditional mobile home at the Mapleton Trailer Park in Boulder, Colorado, into a light-filled, beautiful space.To Hughes, trailer parks offer an architectural opportunity to address questions of affordable housing. And he believes that trailers simply make sense as high-density alternatives to suburban sprawl. But first, they need to be made into attractive living spaces. "This is refabricated housing," Hughes says. "What does it mean to have light pouring into your home, with nine-foot instead of seven-foot ceilings? We wanted to highlight what's possible even on a small house."LEARN MOREtrailerwrap.netCOSTThe TrailerWrap trailer will be sold for $40,000 to the winner of a lottery (though only needy recipients can enter).