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Trans Woman Whose Mother Has Dementia Comes Out to Her on a Daily Basis

She first came out to her over three years ago.

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Coming out of the closet as transgender to friends, family, significant others, and coworkers is a step that’s fraught with anxiety. Transgender people can be the victims of prejudice, rejection, and in some cases face a violent reaction. Luckily, you only have to come out to someone once, but Tina Healy comes out time and time again to one of the most important people in her life—her mother. She first came out to her more than three and half years ago, but her mother suffers from dementia. So every time Healy sees her, she has to face the face that her mother has forgotten that her son has transitioned to a woman.

Tina Healy describes this unique situation.

“My mum has dementia and quite a few of my family were concerned about what would happen if I came out to Mum. Whether she might be too stressed to handle it. And anyway, so when I eventually came out to Mum, I did it early in the morning and she listened. I kept it very simple. And she said—at the end of it, she said. ‘Well. What do you know? I have got a beautiful new daughter.’ And she said, ‘Come here, love.’ And I cried on her shoulder…”

Every time she goes to see her mother she has to come out again. “She just gives me the same reaction that she did. Exactly the same.” Healy said. “Almost word for word every time. I’m kind of the luckiest one of all because I get to come out to Mum 100 times a year. And every time she’s beautiful.”

(H/T ABC News)

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