Trump Supporters Epically Fail When Put Through His ‘Extreme Vetting’ Test

By Trump’s logic, his own supporters don’t deserve to live in America

Image via YouTube, Comedy Central

Not to miss a day without saying something hyperbolic, Donald Trump announced last Monday his plan to run immigrants through “extreme vetting” before entering the U.S. According to Trump, the idea is that all immigrants should embrace an American ideology if they want to become citizens. Those American values include same-sex marriage, equal rights for women, religious freedom, and a boatload of other civil liberties Trump supporters vehemently rally against.

To highlight the irony of Trump’s proposal, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah sent correspondent Jordan Klepper into a snake pit of right-wing extremists at a Wisconsin Trump rally to find out if the Republican nominee’s supporters could pass his own test. To be clear, rally attendees were all for the idea of “extreme vetting.” But when it came to answering the questions to pass as American citizen? Not so much.

For instance, Klepper asked one man to fill in the blank for this sentence: “Two men getting married is…” “Legal in the United States” is the correct answer (if you’re a proud American anyway). Sadly, the man answered, “disgusting” without blinking.

One woman at the rally even better exemplified how nonsensical Trump supporters can be after telling Klepper, “It's important to have respect for everyone's religion.” A beat later, she said Islam does not deserve respect.

The contradictions go on and on, proving with equal amounts of hilarity and horror how uninformed Trump supporters are about the very issues they claim to support. Going by Trump’s logic, shouldn’t that mean his supporters should get kicked out of this country for not passing the requirements they hold others to?

Watch the video above to decide for yourself.

via Jim Browing / YouTube

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