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Trump Supporters Hilariously Defend Crazy, Fake Campaign Ads They Think Are Real

‘Someone’s gotta say what we’re all thinking.’

It’s not easy being a Donald Trump supporter. And if this hilarious video is any evidence, it’s even harder being a Trump defender.

In Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s latest 2016 Election Special, a focus group of Trump supporters are asked to give their opinion on a series of increasingly crazy campaign promise videos. The thing is all of the videos are fake -- narrated by spot on Trump impersonator Robert Smigel, aka Triumph.

In the 15-minute video, the Trump impersonator offers a few “solutions” to the immigration debate – such as setting up internally locking porta potty stations, and then shipping the bathrooms – full of real people – to Mexico. Trump then ups the ante by suggesting that he’ll create an invisible fence along the U.S./Mexico border and enforce it by requiring all Mexicans to wear shock collars like those worn by dogs. His “incentive” for getting the people to wear the collars? Cover them in Trump “bling.”

A Trump supporter tries to defend an offensive and fake campaign ad (Hulu)

Or, fake Trump’s idea for reassuring conservatives that transgender bathrooms aren’t a threat – by installing handguns in the same machines that dispense feminine hygine products. “The guns will be chained to the walls so they can’t be used outside the bathrooms,” fake Trump boasts, “so the women can do whatever they do and the playing field is equaled. Problem solved. It’s disgusting, but it’s solved.”

Trump supporters watch proposed campaign videos in disbelief (Hulu)

Two of the men shake their head in disbelief after viewing the ad, but a third Trump supporter isn’t phased. “I think this whole problem started with Caitlyn Jenner,” Brian sighs. “And then Obama.”

The focus group moderator then asks a female Trump supporter named Cara if she could see the proposal working somewhere. “Anywhere,” she says without hesitation.


In the next video, nearly the entire focus group laughs when fake Trump suggests that Hillary Clinton should “prove” she’s in fact a woman and that Barack Obama is actually the first female president. “I like it,” Donna says. “I think the public would like it,” Cara adds. “Someone’s gotta say what we’re all thinking.”

The group even takes apparent delight when Trump himself calls into the room to personally insult some of the focus group participants for their “very wrong” responses, telling “the overweight guy” Brian, “I think you should focus a little less on cheesecakes.”

“He’s completely down to earth,” Brian says. “That’s awesome.”

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