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In a Grasp At Political Relevancy, Rudy Giuliani Endorses Donald Trump

Proving that the GOP has become Godzilla versus Mothra

A still from cartoon Donald Trump's appearance on The Late Show.

In today’s latest edition of The GOP Is A Swinging Tire Fire, Rudy Giuliani has just informed The New York Post that he will be voting for Donald Trump when New York’s Republican primary rolls around on April 19. Neat.

Giuliani told the Post that while he doesn’t agree with the Republican frontrunner on all the issues, he likes his positions on the economy, immigration and security. If you’re keeping score those policies seem to amount to Trump being very rich, making Mexico pay for a border wall and hunting down the families of terrorists to administer justice.

Giuliani also said he expects Trump to rake in more than 50 percent of the state’s votes, and if the once and former Drumpf manages to swipe the whole kit and kaboodle it would put him, and the rest of America, 95 delegates closer to hell on Earth. But it’s more likely that he would capture 70 to 80, according to the former New York City Mayor. Well, that’s a relief…?

And just so you’re aware of what kind of news day it’s been over at The Post, here is their tweet about Giuliani’s endorsement along with the post that immediately preceeded it. Indeed they are, New York Post. Indeed they are.

Speaking of Trump endorsements, can someone check and see if Chris Christie is still alive? We haven’t seen much of him since his soul left his body on a dais behind Trump back in March.

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