Trump's Meeting With This Man Threatens To Make Anti-Vaxxing A Matter Of Policy

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Keeping up with the various storylines and dramatics of Trump’s transition to power has proven a herculean effort, and in the midst of scandals and statements, he quietly took a meeting with an avowed and prominent anti-vaxxer to discuss...autism.

Trump has gone on record as being clearly anti-vaccination, though his most definitive 2012 statement on the matter has been largely lost in the fray of other outrage-inducing declarations since:

Reminding us that his old statements and stances are no less dangerous than his trending ones, Trump took a meeting at his residence/workplace with Robert Kennedy Jr., the son of Bobby Kennedy and the creator of an awareness group called the World Mercury Project. Kennedy has long hinted and insinuated not just a correlation between vaccinations and other illnesses, but also a conspiracy to erase the connection from public consciousness.

Hallie Jackson, an NBC News reporter, shared news of the meeting via Twitter:

Given the secretive nature of the parade of Trump Tower meetings, it’s unclear what was discussed or resolved in their conversation, but given precedent and current appearances, it’s indicative of a threat to turn anti-vaxxer doctrine into a matter of national health policy, which a tweet following the meeting suggests is very, very real:

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