Donald Trump Publicly Challenged Oprah To Run For President

He waited until President’s Day to make his typically unpresidential comments.

Oprah Winfrey attends 'Tribeca Tune In' in New York City. Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images.

Rumors of Oprah’s potential presidential candidacy reached a fever pitch following her stirring Golden Globes speech that touched on the myriad issues facing a divided nation. Since then, she’s remained silent on the issue, but that hasn’t stopped President Trump from weighing in on a purely hypothetical scenario with his typical lack of tact and grace via his favorite medium, Twitter.

Trump’s response came after a “60 Minutes” segment in which Oprah followed up on a roundtable with Michigan voters to see if their perspective had changed on Trump. Trump caught a clip of the more recent roundtable on “Fox and Friends,” then used her appearance to work himself into a bit of a frenzy.

This comes after Oprah has repeatedly stated that she has no interest in running for president and has handled the tribulations of the Trump presidency with a quiet dignity. But that hasn’t stopped Trump from firing off judgments that Winfrey is “insecure” (really?) and will somehow be exposed for… something.

It’s clear that despite the holiday, President’s Day was a day like any other for Donald Trump, complete with misguided antagonism on social media for no good reason. I guess that was his way of taking his own advice and “reflecting.”