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Donald Trump Hasn’t Received An Invite To Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Wedding

Meghan Markle is not a fan of Trump.

Photo by Mark Jones/Flickr.

Deciding who to invite to a wedding is a huge chore. The couple has to choose among relatives and friends without leaving anyone out and keeping the whole event on-budget.

But when it’s a royal wedding of worldwide political and cultural significance, making a list has to be maddening.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018, there’s one world leader who probably won’t be in attendance: Donald Trump. Recently, when asked by Piers Morgan if he had received an invite, Trump said, “Not that I know of. I want them to be happy. They look like a lovely couple.”

One reason Trump may not be invited is that American actress Meghan Markle was a huge Hillary Clinton supporter who has called Trump “misogynistic.”


Trump also has a very tense relationship with British Prime Minister Theresa May, who chastised him after he retweeted a far-right, racist British group last year.

One couple that may be in attendance, though, is Barack and Michelle Obama. Prince Harry struck up a friendship with Barack Obama at the Invictus Games in Toronto last year and the two got together for a charming radio interview for BBC Radio 4’s Today program.

According to The Sun, a senior government source said that “Harry has made it clear he wants the Obamas at the wedding, so it’s causing a lot of nervousness.”


Given Trump’s jealousy of Obama, he’s not invited — which may cause an international incident. “Trump could react very badly if the Obamas get to a Royal wedding before he has had a chance to meet the Queen,” the senior government source said.

If Trump isn’t invited to the wedding, it’ll be his own doing. What couple in their right mind would invite anyone who brags about sexually assaulting women, makes fun of disabled people — and worse?

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