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Here’s Why Donald Trump’s Wall Will Never, Ever Work

It will literally do nothing

If Donald Trump is remembered for one thing and one thing only, it will undoubtedly be his plans to build one “YUGE” wall.

Trump’s planned wall along the border between the United States and Mexico persists in the minds of his supporters and has even become a sinister slogan at rallies: “Build that Wall.”

Most analyses show that such a wall is not only pointless and immensely expensive, but that it’s also symbolic of the closure of one of the most vibrant and diverse countries in the world.

Mexico has repeatedly, and not so politely, said they would refuse to pay for the wall—one of Trump’s campaign promises (that he made on behalf of another sovereign nation). A link on Trump’s campaign website as to how this would be done was not working as of Thursday afternoon.

Paying for the wall would cost between $5 and $25 billion—if Mexico does not, in fact, pay for it—making it one of the largest infrastructure expenditures in U.S. history. That estimate does not include the cost of wall maintenance and security for years to come.

In 2015, an assessment by an apparent engineer showed that, not only would the wall be expensive, but it would also be a logistics and development nightmare. The author, who wrote under a pseudonym, concluded:

“Theoretical President Trump may be able to executive-order his way through the laser grid of lawsuits that normally impede this kind of work, but he can’t ignore the physical realities of construction.”

Yet Trump supporters and the nominee himself insist that the wall will be built if he is elected.

Enter Adam Ruins Everything, an American comedy/educational television series that recently aimed to put the idea to rest. The hilarious skit argued that the wall would indeed be incredibly expensive, useless in deterring undocumented immigration, and generally, pointless, considering that hardly anyone crosses the border like that anymore.

Watch below and see if you think this video could finally convince supporters of the wall that the idea is a terrible one:

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