Donald Trump Enters Office With Dismal Approval Ratings

He has a dismal 37 percent approval rating

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President-elect Donald Trump is wildly unpopular. Sure, he won the presidency, but lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly three million votes. According to Gallup, Trump is the least popular president-elect since they began tracking incoming presidential approval ratings back in the ‘90s. While most incoming presidents enjoy a post-election bump in the polls, Trump’s numbers have soured since the election and, according to a recent national poll by Quinnipiac University, only 37 percent of Americans approve of the job he’s doing.

For some historical context, Barack Obama had an 83 percent approval rating in 2009. George W. Bush entered office with a 61 percent favorable rating even after beating Al Gore in a contentious supreme court battle. And Bill Clinton had a 68 percent favorable rating after winning three-candidate race with 43 percent of the vote. After winning the election, Trump had a 46 percent approval rating but it’s precipitously dropping as Americans become leery of his ties to Russia, calls to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and daily Twitter outbursts.

More findings from the Quinnipiac University poll:

— 53 percent of Americans believe Trump isn’t honest

— 52 percent of Americans believe Trump does not care about average Americans

— 62 percent believe he isn’t level-headed

— 34 percent of Americans believe that Trump will be a better president than Obama