Twenty-Five Percent of Republicans Still Fear ACORN, Which Doesn't Exist Anymore

GOP voters are still worried about a dead organization. Thanks, Fox News!

More evidence emerges all the time to suggest that fearmongering by the conservative media has helped create a permanently paranoid voting bloc. Last year, a shocking number of voters, both Democrats and Republicans, said they believed President Obama had raised their taxes, which isn't anywhere near to being true. And still others believed that the Troubled Asset Relief Program was a terrible failure, which is not accurate either. But today's new poll from Public Policy Polling trumps both of those paranoid delusions.

According to PPP's latest survey of Republican voters, a quarter of respondents believe that ACORN, the voter registration organization, is going to "steal the election" for Obama in 2012. In case you don't know, ACORN ceased operations last year, meaning 25 percent of Republicans still fear a dead organization. Thirty-two percent of Republicans said they're "not sure yet" whether ACORN will aid the president.

Consider these types of statistics anytime anyone says a popular vote constitutes a "referendum" on a particular person or policy. In order for a vote to be a meaningful referendum, the voters have to have a grasp of the facts. As this poll demonstrates, many simply don't understand what's going on in the world.