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A Change To The App Will Now Allow You To Clearly See Your Rider Rating On Uber

It's now very easy to see where you stand in the eyes of drivers

A recent update to the Uber app will let you easily learn where you stand in the eyes of every Uber driver you’ve ever had. Now, when you see your profile on the app, your rating (as determined by the drivers you’ve used) will be right under your name.

The move comes as part of an effort to make customers more aware of their behavior, so that they’ll ultimately be better behaved while riding.

Previously, the user—assuming they even knew their rating was available for them to see—would had to have taken these steps:

Help > Account and payment > Account settings and ratings > I'd like to know my rating > Submit

Not only was this method not intuitive, but it was so opaque that many just assumed that this information wasn’t available to them, resulting in what the company perceives as an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to their rating and mindful behavior.

Now, it looks like this, popping up as a star rating on your profile page:


While Uber’s had a turbulent run over the past 12 months—public outcry over rider behavior paled in comparison to that of executive acts and driver behavior—it’s possible that, since riders greatly outnumber drivers, Uber saw a bigger issue here than the public did. Further, this step can be seen as at least a small step in improving the experience for drivers, who have had a rocky relationship with the company since the app launched.

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