It’s Like Uber, But For Mangoes

A Saudi-Arabian entrepreneur has launched a successful mango delivery site.

Walk into any grocery store in Amman, Jordan, and you’ll be confronted with about 70 varieties of packaged mango juice. Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E are some of the top mango-importing countries in the world. And there’s nothing quite like a chunky mango smoothie purchased from a disreputable street cart on the side of some busy road in Cairo. The point is: people in the region fucking love mangoes. Now, they can have mangoes delivered right to their door through a service called Mango Jazan. It’s a delivery service that delivers nothing but mangoes.

Most of the Middle East’s mangoes come from India or Pakistan, but a small region in Saudi Arabia called Jazan has become well known for producing some of the juiciest mangoes around. It used to be pretty tough to get your hands on a box of Jazan mangoes—they’re primarily traded locally—but the region is now making them available to a wider consumer base through its delivery system. And people are really into it: Since the site launched in 2012, it has acquired 20,000 users.

“By selling products from the best farms, we would achieve another goal,” said founder Abdul Rahman Sahili. “Which is to help farmers market their products more efficiently and encourage them to increase their production.”