U.K. Initiative Encourages Sustainable Designers U.K. Initiative Encourages Sustainable Designers

U.K. Initiative Encourages Sustainable Designers

by Alicia Capetillo

February 18, 2010
A new initiative based in the United Kingdom understands that the future of ideas and design need have one thing in common: sustainability. According to a new post on Treehugger, New Frontiers hopes to foster and encourage innovative concepts and forward-thinking designers in areas such as architecture and NGOs to ensure that their environmentally friendly ideas become a reality. Treehugger reports:
According to founders Melissa Sterry and Matt Prescott the initiative will be "working with leading universities, professional institutions, NGOs, government agencies and pioneering global brands to embed a strong understanding of sustainability; form new collaborations; and promote the best innovation for this new and fast-moving sector."
New Frontiers plans to offer seminars, scholarships, and other resources to motivate designers and get people thinking about sustainability. Head over to Treehugger for more details about the initiative as well as a list of partners and panel members.Photo via New Frontiers Web site
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U.K. Initiative Encourages Sustainable Designers