Chilean Students Design Unstealable Bike

Prototype would be first of its kind and totally sweet.

Image via Yerka Project's Facebook page.

Three engineering students from Chile have designed what they claim is the world’s first “unstealable bike.” The Yerka Project, currently in the prototype stage, is a bicycle that converts into its own lock. If a thief breaks through the lock, the frame would then be broken, rendering the whole contraption useless to the bike snatcher.

The design is such that in order to lock the bike, one must remove the bike seat, split the down tube in two around a pole/chain/etc., and then reinsert the seat through the two poles, locking the bike in place. While the bike could still be stolen for parts, this is certainly an innovative premise.

We’re excited to see what’s next for the Yerka Project. A December 2014 update from the team shows some bike handles being 3D printed and their Facebook account promises that the students “haven’t unveiled the whole project yet” promising “utmost comfort” in the next design.