Using 45,000 Milk Cartons, This Is the Largest Recycled Structure Ever Made

Ever wonder who holds the Guinness World Records’ title for largest major construction to be built out of recycled materials? The answer is this beautiful "Brik Pavilion" built from 45,000 milk cartons in the province of Granada, Spain. Created to coincide with World Recycling Day, the structure consisted of a large wall spanning 100 feet long, and a tower running 23 feet high. Fashioned entirely from milk cartons that were gathered from the refuse of 100 colleges in the area, the items were stacked like LEGOs in a beautiful labyrinth-like pattern installed at the Park of the Sciences of Granada.

The project was conceived by CUAC Arquitectura and Sugarplatform architects. Along with about 120 students from the School of Architecture of Granada, they constructed the piece in just two weeks. During the final two weeks of the installation, the structure moved to a recycling plant to complete the cycle.

Photos courtesy of CUAC Arquitectura by Javier Callejas Sevilla