Veteran Has A Stern Response To Neighbor Who Demanded He Take Down His American Flag

The neighbor called the flag a “symbol of hate.”

Even with all of the political division in the U.S. today, few people have a problem with anyone flying the American flag. One would be hard-pressed to find anyone who’d call it a “symbol of hate.”

But a man in Bozeman, Montana claims his neighbor did just that.

U.S. Air Force veteran Justin Schroeder, 36, was recently anonymously harassed by a neighbor who said he was flying a “symbol of hate.” Schroeder documented the incident on Facebook Live.

In the video, Schroder comes home to see a note taped on his door that reads the following:

Dear neighbor,

I am disgusted you would fly the symbol of hate. Judging by the trucks in your driveway I can only assume that you voted for Trump.

This is a disgusting house and Bozeman deserves better. If not taken down by tonight, I will take it down myself.

This is not a fight you want. We will win.


Your neighbor

Schroeder crumpled up the letter and threw it to the ground. “I’ve met some stupid f--king people in my lifetime, but I can tell you right now, that flag right there? That flag ain’t comin’ down,” he vowed. “This flag flies year ’round at my house. It will never come down. And to the person that thinks they going to try and take it down. I’ll break your f--king fingers.”