Volunteers constructed this entire community to house homeless veterans.

From the looks on a few of the veterans’ faces, it seems as if the verdict is already in.

Many veterans sacrifice comfortable, lucrative lives to protect the liberties of their home country—only to find nothing left of those former lives when they return. In the face of rising veteran homelessness rates, due in part to inadequate medical and psychological resources, Missouri volunteers pooled their creativity, time, and money to create a community that welcomes veterans, completely free of charge.

The Veterans Community Project created Veterans Village, which sits on four acres of land outside of Kansas City and consists of 50 tiny homes, complete with bathrooms, kitchens, sleeping, and living areas.

Veterans Community Project

Veterans Community Project

The community is strategically situated near an outreach center which provides social and medical services to the residents and other veterans. A community center intended for more socializing and recreation is also in the works.

Veterans Community Project

Remarkably, each prefabricated home costs only $10,000—a pittance compared to the costs of prolonged hospitalization and/or temporary housing for homeless citizens.

Not only does the development work as a small success for the 50 veterans lucky enough to find accommodation there, but the scalability and low cost provides hope that the template can be recreated elsewhere, allowing disenfranchised veterans to focus on betterment, health, and pursuits, rather than on mere survival.

From the looks on a few of the veterans’ faces, it seems as if the verdict is already in.

Veterans Community Project

To learn more about the men behind the Veterans Community Project and Veterans Village, two veterans themselves, check out this profile from 41 Action News: