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Two Vets Featured Some Furry Guests of Honor At Their Wedding, All For The Benefit Of A Rescue Shelter

The wonderful gesture also made for some insanely cute photos

Nobody knows about the struggles of abandoned and stray animals better than veterinarians do. So at their March 25 wedding ceremony, vets Nick Anderson and Michele Bangsboll took steps to ensure that the plight of these animals wasn’t forgotten on their big day.

Fortunately, they managed to remind guests of this issue in the cutest way possible—with kittens.

Taking to Larkspur, Colorado, for their ceremony, the couple brought with them two rescue kittens named Jeeves and Houdini. The couple—Michele especially—must have known that bringing kittens to a wedding was almost certain to divert attention from the glowing bride, but in the name of these animals, the two went ahead, Jeeves and Houdini in hand.

Autumn Cutaia Photography

Not only did these furry friends remind guests of the importance of rescuing animals from shelters, but they actually brought more attention to the bride on her day, thanks to the pics, which have gone viral because, well, the internet just really loves cats.

Autumn Cutaia

Autumn Cutaia

Autumn Cutaia

Nick and Michele have a special connection to these two kittens and the cause they represented at the ceremony. According to wedding photographer Autumn Cutaia, "Michele and Nick donate their time to rescue animals at Divine Feline, which is a Colorado animal rescue. The kittens ... come from this rescue and were invited to the wedding to spread awareness about the organization."

I would say that mission has been accomplished. The shelter has reported a big spike in web traffic and donations, as well as walk-in visitors and adoptions.

Michele and Nick made out ok, too, garnering national attention for their magnanimous gesture, scoring some pretty terrific pics with the kittens, and tallying up a story they’ll be sharing for ages. In fact, they’re already sharing it just days later. According to their photographer, the two are already popular on their honeymoon as the photos and story makes the rounds.

Sounds like everyone came out ahead here, and hopefully, a few more couples will follow suit in sharing their wedding day attention with a good cause.

If you’d like to give to Divine Feline, the charity sponsored by the couple, visit the shelter’s site here to donate and learn more.

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