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Video: Choreographed Snow in Buffalo Becomes Winter Park Video: Choreographed Snow in Buffalo Becomes Winter Park

Video: Choreographed Snow in Buffalo Becomes Winter Park

by Kyla Fullenwider

December 7, 2010

Still, when we think of landscapes we mostly think green. "It has been said that we live in a permanent summer mindset," writes Sergio López-Piñeiro in the introduction to his project Olmsted's Blank Snow. "Winter is perceived as a temporary season, while summer is portrayed as an everlasting condition. Lawn is an urban material, while snow is not. In contrast to summer's green spaces, I would like to propose winter's white spaces." The University at Buffalo architecture professor's "snow plow master plan" will transform what had mostly been considered a public nuisance into a public space over the course of the winter. "Our region tends to welcome the snow in a contradictory manner...We react by salting all outdoor surfaces and starting up noisy snow plows and blowers," he says.

Instead, this winter, choreographed snow plows will build fifteen seven-foot tall snow mounds creating areas for sledding, people watching, and wandering. And in a nod to Olmsted, Front Park's winter design will provide a constant opening of new views, allowing pedestrians unique vantage points of Lake Erie not available in warmer weather. Fortunately for winter weary Buffalonians, snow seems to be a novelty for the Spanish professor. "I was born and raised in Madrid so [we] didn't have snow, just flurries every few years."

Images from Olmsted's Blank Snow, courtesy of Sergio López-Piñeiro

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Video: Choreographed Snow in Buffalo Becomes Winter Park