Video: Errol Morris Celebrates IBM's 100th Anniversary

Two excellent videos celebrate the technology company's 100 years in business.

IBM is celebrating it's 100th birthday this year. We do some work with IBM, but regardless of that fact, having a company in business for 100 years is incredibly impressive. Having a company in business for 100 years at the level that IBM operates is doubly impressive.

In honor of their achievements, IBM has commissioned two videos. "100 x 100" features people discussing IBM's achievements throughout the last century. The trick is, each person featured was born in the year of that achievement. Call me a huge nerd, but it gives me goosebumps at points. I particularly like 1931. "It was a big year for punches." Watch it here:


"They Were There", by Errol Morris, is a more straightforward documentary, interviewing IBM workers about advances that happened under their watch: