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Video: Journey of Action Road Trip Stops for City Year San Antonio

Ryan and Kassidy Brown took to the road with their cameras to show that Generation Y is a generation of doers. Naturally they stopped in on City Year.


Ryan and Kassidy Brown, siblings from Nashville, set out together last year on a cross-country exploration of volunteerism. They both have degrees in journalism, so they've been documenting every step of their trip. Recently they dropped in on City Year in San Antonio, Texas, to talk to corps members and the students they are working with at Edward H. White Middle School.

When they set off on their adventure last December they told Fast Company about their big idea.

We believe our generation, Generation Y, is aware of the social and environmental challenges we face on a local and global level, but they lack daily tools for action. At the same time, there are so many members of our generation that are making change a reality and who are changing the traditional systems of business, nonprofits, and education for the better, but they receive little to no media attention. So, our mission is to entertain, educate, and inspire our generation through short form videos that highlight the culture of social activism.

We are a generation of doers, who do not care about the status quo. We are less concerned with how much money we earn and more with how much positive impact we can have. Our generation is bold, innovative, and understands the benefits of collaboration.


What do you think: Is Generation Y a "generation of doers?" Where else would you suggest that Ryan and Kassidy drop in to see social activism at work? Follow the adventures of the Journey of Action siblings on their site.

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