Volkswagen's Plan to Lead in EV Sales Volkswagen's Plan to Lead in EV Sales
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Volkswagen's Plan to Lead in EV Sales

by Alicia Capetillo

March 4, 2010
Volkswagen wants everyone to know how serious it is about making a mark on the burgeoning electric vehicle market. Three Volkswagen vehicles already appear on our list of the top 15 fuel-efficient cars for the year, the most of any car company, and now they have an ambitious plan to significantly expand their sales of EVs. Treehugger reports:
The plan, announced by the company's chairman Dr. Martin Winterkorn, aims to put three electronic VW models on the market by 2012, and to have 3% of global deliveries (estimated to be 300,000 cars) be EVs by 2018--which, the company projects, would make VW the market leader in EVs.
Head over to Treehugger for more details and a year-by-year breakdown of the proposal. Volkswagen plans to offer an EV option on recognized models, rather than creating a brand new prototype; it's also hoping to take Toyota's titles as world's largest automaker. Capitalizing on the growing interest in EV vehicles will certainly help, but is this an attainable goal or is Volkswagen kidding itself? Sound off below.Photo (cc) by Flickr user jonathan.broderick
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Volkswagen's Plan to Lead in EV Sales