The much talked about live broadcast of the health care summit starts right now (10 a.m. eastern time). You can watch it live on CSPAN here. This is could be a fairly momentous occasion that changes the way people in Washington, D.C. do business, or it might turn out to be a totally rehearsed waste of a time, or even a disaster that makes the idea of transparency go down in flames, or something else entirely. After some introductory statements, the summit will cover the following issues:
1) Controlling costs - introduced by the President;2) Insurance reforms - introduced by Secretary Sebelius;3) Reducing the deficit - introduced by the Vice President; and4) Expanding coverage - introduced by the President.
It should be a rip-roaring good time. Make sure you tune in. If you can't, Talking Points Memo will have a live blog that should also be informative.