Watch This Massive Mural Turn Into a Flip-Book Style Animation

When passed by fast enough, the 890 feet long illustrated mural appears as a flip-book style animation.

Public art is at its best when it interacts with the environment, contributes organically to its surroundings, and when, of course, it's visually interesting. A new commission in Copenhagen by Argentinian artist Hyuro with help from her friend Alejandro Valbuena Martinez, achieves all of the above. The massive, 890-foot long illustration engulfs a stretch of highway in the city and features an elegant reindeer entering a forest. When passed by fast enough, the images appear as a flip-book style animation, as shown in the video below.


Installed over 87 aluminum panels, the stunning mural, titled "In/between" was created in just a short two weeks. It's pretty impressive and certainly makes this otherwise barren street look anything but.

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Images via Hyuro