[Updated: Winner Announced] Elimineighbor™ Challenge [Updated: Winner Announced] Elimineighbor™ Challenge

[Updated: Winner Announced] Elimineighbor™ Challenge

March 27, 2013

With Neighborday coming up this Saturday, the Elimineighbor championship took place this week, and what a matchup it was - Fred “The Annihilator” Rogers vs. George “The Meanie” Feeny. And the winner is...

Mr. Rogers, who trounced Mr. Feeny to the tune of 63 to 11! To no one’s surprise, the “Boy Meets World” star met defeat at the hands of an icon. I guess if you’re going to lose, it might as well be to a lovable old guy in a cardigan, right?

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And then there were two. Mr. Feeny and Mr. Rogers will square off in next week’s finals, a.k.a. The Septuagenarian Showdown. Once again, Mr. Rogers displayed none of his gentle side as he absolutely decimated Joey & Chandler to the tune of 62 to 19, and Mr. Feeny edged out Barney and Betty Rubble 24 - 16.  

Can Mr. Feeny slow down the Mr. Rogers train, or will the PBS posterchild continue his hot streak on his way to the title? Cast your vote next Monday on our Facebook page at 12pm PDT to decide who will be crowned the ultimate pop culture neighbor.

And as always, remember to sign up to host a Neighborday HERE


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day ... to humiliate Steve Urkel to the tune of 48 to 3! It was all about Mister Rogers this round, as he proved that cardigans are still in style. The Rubbles edged out Ned Flanders in the animation altercation and the Friends turned Winnie Cooper into Losie Cooper, but the surprise upset of the week was Mr. Feeny over Cosmo Kramer in the 90’s sitcom showdown.

Next week’s marquee matchup: Joey and Chandler will team up to see if they can slow down the Mr. Rogers train.

Don't forget to cast your vote next Monday and Tuesday on our Facebook page at 12pm PDT, and remember to sign up to host a Neighborday HERE


The top seeds absolutely dominated in this week’s matchups, with Kramer, Urkel, and Mr. Rogers crushing the competition on their way to the Elite 8.  Mr. Feeney will advance as the Cindarella story Boner Stabone went limp when it mattered most, Winnie Cooper barely edged out Joey from “Dawson’s Creek” in a teenage showdown, and the one-two punch of Joey and Chandler proved fatal to Fonzie in the surprise upset of Round 2.

Next week’s marquee matchup:  Barney and Betty Rubble -- the only power couple left in the competition -- will face Ned Flanders in a crucial cartoon confrontation of epic proportions!

Don't forget to cast your vote next Monday and Tuesday on our Facebook page at 12pm PDT, and remember to sign up to host a Neighborday HERE


Mr. Rodgers was the big winner of Round 1, when he lambasted Marcy D'Arcy with a whopping 98 votes to her 2!  The biggest upset of the the week was Mr. Feeney just barely edging out Wilson from "Home Improvement," who was the heavy favorite (Vegas odds were 3:1). Boner Stabone is turning out to be the real Cindarella story of the Elimineighbor Bracket Challenge, where he hopes to continue his momentum when he faces Mr. Feeney in Round 2.

Next week's marquee matchup: Urkel vs. Freddie Krueger. Will Urkel manage to annoy Freddie to the point of defeat, or will Freddie claw his way to victory?

Don't forget to cast your vote next Monday and Tuesday on our Facebook page at 12pm PDT, and remember to sign up to host a Neighborday HERE

Hidey ho, neighbors!
Have you always liked Quagmire more than Flanders, and it keeps you up at night?  Ever been in a fistfight over who's more adorable, Winnie Cooper or Marisa Cooper?
Well, now's your chance to make your opinions heard.
Welcome to the inaugural Elimineighbor Challenge, a weekly Facebook contest where you get to vote for your favorite pop culture neighbors, from Kramer to Urkel and everyone in between. You've heard of March Madness, well this is... Neighbor... madness... or something.
Every Monday and Tuesday for the next five weeks, we'll be hosting polls on our Facebook page at noon PST, with results posted every Wednesday until a winner is crowned.
We started this tournament to raise awareness for Neighborday, a new holiday on April 27th where we at GOOD HQ are challenging our community to host 1000+ block parties around the world. We're so excited about it that we even made a video, see?  
Go here to learn more and sign up.
And don't forget to tell your friends, say hi to your neighbors, and get out the vote!
Thou Shalt Love Thy Elimineighbor!

Hang out with your neighbors on the last Saturday of April (a day we're calling "Neighborday"). Click here to say you'll Do It, and we'll send you GOOD's Neighborday Survival Guide and a bunch of other fun stuff. 

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[Updated: Winner Announced] Elimineighbor™ Challenge