What it Looks Like When a Plane Collides With a Body of Water

In response to Zach's post about what happens when bird's hit a plane's engine, here's a video of what would have happened if Sully and his overlooked first officer had not managed to keep their plane level as they zoomed over the Hudson.[youtube]'s Ethiopian Airlines 961, which crashed in the Comoros in 1996 after it ran out of fuel during a hijacking. The captain tried to do what Sully managed to do, come in low, lose speed, and then set just the fuselage down. Sadly, at the last moment, a fight with the hijackers caused the wings to dip, hitting the water, resulting in that crash. One hundred and twenty five of the 175 passengers lost their lives.Sadly, I can find no video of the scene in Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail in which Henry Jones, Sr. remembers his Charlemagne and uses a bird strike for the best thing it can be used for: killing Nazis.