What's Your Take on Electric Bikes? What's Your Take on Electric Bikes?

What's Your Take on Electric Bikes?

by Andrew Price

February 13, 2010
Electric bikes are getting more popular in other parts of the world:
Already, electric bikes have gained mass acceptance in China, where 22 million are expected to sell this year, and are taking off quickly in Europe. In the U.S., they are still struggling to gain ground. But a growing number of analysts say the next few years could determine whether these bikes become a part of the U.S. cycling landscape or remain a novelty.
Los Angeles would seem like the ideal place for electric bikes. Just doing errands in your own neighborhood here can require lots of medium-length (2- to 4-mile) trips. But I rarely see them around. Maybe they're too expensive. Trek's electric bike (see it on YouTube) is $2,200. You could get a serviceable used car for that amount. Conversion kits can be much cheaper, but those are more for hobbyists than your average cyclist.Do you have an electric bike? Would you have one? I'd love to hear from anyone who found one at a reasonable price and uses it regularly.
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What's Your Take on Electric Bikes?