What's Your Take on The Big Caption?

The Big Caption blog
describes itself as "a complement to The Big Picture wherein jokes and statements are made using typography," meaning that it superimposes text (sometimes artfully, usually irreverently) on the photographs that appear on TheBoston Globe's astoundingly great photoblog.

Here are a few examples, with links to their original images (which The Big Caption includes).

"The Irony was not Lost on Him" (original)

"Goodbye, Earth" (original)

My mind isn't made up on this project yet. It is attractively typset, occasionally funny, and even a little insightful (there is something to be said for its concision). But it falls pretty short of the experience of its source material. To read The Big Picture is to confront the shock, awe, wonder, and humor of the human condition. It offers a chance, for at least a few minutes, to experience the vastness and variety of the world through a number of different perspectives.

The Big Caption simply takes lolcats to typography school. Then again, perhaps that sort of glib retorting is itself an ideal embodiment of information-consumption in the 21st century.

What's your take on The Big Caption?

Via Kottke