Weeels: Share Taxis, Save Money

Weeels is a new cab-sharing app for New York City. When you want a fast, inexpensive ride across town, Wheels can search for other people nearby who are going in the same direction. Once it finds someone, the app gives you and your new traveling partner a meeting place and sends a car to pick you up. If it can't find anyone, you can cancel the trip or ride solo.

Traveling this way ends up being much cheaper than a normal taxi, both because you're splitting the bill, and because Wheels has already negotiated lower rates with livery cabs. And by helping people share a single cab, it makes for a more efficient, cleaner, and social kind of transportation. Wheels works best in Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan right now, but they're expanding coverage in New York and plan to bring it to other cities if all goes well. And let's hope it does—this is simply a smarter way of getting a cab.