Where Wind and Solar Power Make Sense Where Wind and Solar Power Make Sense
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Where Wind and Solar Power Make Sense

by Andrew Price

February 17, 2010
How much energy we can generate with wind and solar power projects depends, of course, on the wind and the sun. So being smart about where we put solar panels and turbines is pretty important. A company called 3TIER has made a business out of providing "prospecting tools" for renewable energy.Here's their latest map for where solar power can be harvested in the western hemisphere:
And here's their map of global wind power potential:
They go into way more detail, too. One analysis looks at how wind power varies across the United States in an El Niño year.Of course, when it comes to actually building wind and solar projects many other factors come into play. Local politics, Nimby concerns, and conflicts with wildlife are just a few. The distribution network matters too. Greenland looks great for wind power, but it'd be tough transporting that energy to big markets. But knowing where the resources are is a critical first step in the shift to clean energy and it's encouraging that there's a market for that information.
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Where Wind and Solar Power Make Sense