Why Aren't There More Terrorist Attacks?

Since both the Christmas bomber incident and the Time Square bomb incident have happened in rapid succession, you may be under the impression that it is—or has become—easy to launch a terrorist attack in the United States (as it only seems to be operator error that has stopped both attacks).

But security expert Bruce Schneier wants to point out that it, for three reasons, there are actually very few attacks on the United States:
1: Hard to Pull Off
Terrorism sounds easy, but the actual attack is the easiest part.

2: Few Terrorists
Terrorism doesn't occur without terrorists, and they are far rarer than popular opinion would have it.

3: Small Attacks Aren't Enough
An act of terrorism that doesn't instill terror in the target population is a failure, even if people die. And an act of terrorism that doesn't impress the terrorists' allies is not very effective, either.

Schneier excepts "nut cases operating alone" like "the Fort Hood shooter, the guy who flew his plane into the Austin IRS office, the anthrax mailer." Those attacks are far easier to pull off than an attack from Al Qaeda. Schneier's larger points are fascinating and well worth reading, especially if you've felt a little concerned for your safety.

Via Daily Dish.
Photo by Giancarli for the Daily News.