Why Conservatives Love Jon Stewart

A few weeks ago, Price blogged about a Time poll conveying that Jon Stewart is America's most trusted newsman. Whether the results truly signify a dearth of trustworthy anchors in contemporary news hasn't definitively been answered. But for the man to be this popular, he's got to have fans on both sides of the aisle. That notion is at first surprising-given Stewart's clearly liberal perspective-but not ridiculous. Jacob Gershman of New York explains why, for example, neoconservative pundits are so taken with The Daily Show's irreverent host.Conservatives like Stewart because he's providing them a platform to reach an audience that usually tunes them out. And they often find that Stewart takes them more seriously than right-wing political hosts, who are often just using them to validate their broad positions, do. Stewart will poke fun, but he offers a good-faith debate on powder kegs - torture, abortion, nuclear weapons, health care - that explode on other networks.With an exception or two, Gershman makes a convincing case, quoting the likes of William Kristol, Cliff May, and John Bolton-a trio of men who offer some sincere, if measured, praise for Stewart. Any conservative readers care to weigh in?Via Buzzfeed.