Why Does Georgia Import Expensive Coal While Exporting Home-Grown Biomass?

A Union of Concerned Scientists slideshow exposes the absurdities of electrical utilities' reliance on coal.

One of the toughest challenges in talking about energy and human behavior is connecting the dots between the electricity that people use in their homes or offices and power plants that provide the juice. The Union of Concerned Scientists does a pretty good job in a newly launched slideshow that breaks down some of the absurdities behind our utilities' stubborn reliance on coal.

I found these two slides to be particularly galling:

There's also a quiz about coal and renewable energy options, particularly in the Southeast, and a useful Take Action page that helps guide you through a phone call to your utility to demand clean, renewable energy sources.

For another great look "behind the light switch," check out's tool for finding your connection to mountaintop removal . Just plug in your zip code and see where your power is coming from.