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Why We Eat Lunch Together as Co-Workers, Every Day Why We Eat Lunch Together as Co-Workers, Every Day

Why We Eat Lunch Together as Co-Workers, Every Day

by Slideluck Global

April 14, 2013

Food is universally recognized as a source of community and goodwill—whether through potlucks, canning parties, Amish friendship bread, or food blogs, food brings people together in a variety of ways. Lunch—real, proper, leisurely lunch—gives us time to sit face to face and see each other as people, not just as coworkers. Everyone has their place at Slideluck Lunchshow, whether they’re cooking, washing the dishes, setting the table, or just appreciating the food. Conversation flows freely—as do ideas. Not only does the relaxed environment of a good meal actually allow people to work more effectively on problems, it also provides a much-needed break that increases efficiency when they do get back to work.

We all need to eat. Humans, parrots, koalas, fish—we all consume something at least once a day for the nutrients we need to survive. But one thing that truly distinguishes man from beast is how he has taken that simple need for nutrients and made it into something amazing—a ritual that brings us together.

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Why We Eat Lunch Together as Co-Workers, Every Day