Will Giving out Expensive Meds Be the Key to HIV Eradication?

This is one of those "but it just might work" ideas: Give every single HIV-infected person drugs, and drastically reduce the number of people who end up contracting the disease. It is not the most intuitive idea, and it raises many questions, such as "how does treatment help prevention?" and "who the heck is going to pay for this?" But as the epidemic worsens, it's being looked at as a possibly genius solution.The guy behind the idea is Julio Montaner. He was written off a few years ago but the the idea's gaining traction and will be central to the conversation at a WHO conference this coming November. How it works is rather simple: Treatment and counseling drastically reduces risky behavior, and thus slows the spread of the HIV. (To read more about how it works, click here.)The naysayers can dismiss the idea all they want but things are only getting worse, so it sounds like a time for out-of-box thinking, wouldn't you say?