The Largest Wind Farm In Africa Will Light Up 1.5 Million Homes

The new wind farm will also save Morocco $140 million in oil imports.

A Moroccan windpark. Photo by Flickr user Christoph Kober.

The Tarfaya Energy Farm is located in Morocco, on the country’s southern coast. With 131 wind turbines spread out over 22,000 acres of land, the farm also has the distinction of being the largest wind energy project in Africa. This month, the Tarfaya Energy Farm was finally up and running after more than a year of constuction. Surveyors predict that at full capacity, it will provide clean energy to 1.5 million homes. This energy farm is projected to offset the impact of 900,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year, cutting the country’s annual oil imports by an estimated $140 million.

Morocco is competing with Ethiopia in the race to become the leading wind energy producer on the continent. It was just last year that the Ethiopian government celebrated what is now formerly the largest wind energy farm in Africa—the 84-wind turbine Ashegoda Farm.