Woman Donates Entire $25,000 Prize To Shelter Pets

The animal lover will be feeding a lot of cats and dogs this holiday season

After filling out a survey from TD Bank, North Carolina cosmetology student Samantha White suddenly found herself in possession of $25,000 — and 24 hours to spend it. White was randomly chosen by the bank as part of their #MakeTodayMatter promotion, a viral marketing campaign designed to encourage citizens doing something good. Besides the one-day time limit, the student had to abide by one additional stipulation with what to do with the cash — she had to give it right back to the community. Accompanied by her 7-year-old daughter, the future make-up artist chose to help needy animals. In addition to purchasing toys and beds, she used the windfall to buy over 30,000 pounds of pet food.

This latest PR move by the bank is already attracting a lot of attention online, but not quite yet to the level it achieved through "24 people. 24 days. 24 communities," a massively viral video they published last month.

You can check that one here:

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