Michelle Villemaire ‘Yarn-Bombs’ for Women’s History Month

Recently, she took over an entire park.

Great to see all the creative ways L.A.-based artists are celebrating International Women's Day. Go check out Michelle Villemaire's yarn work on Monument Street honoring iconic women of history and dedicated to the Downtown Women's Center.

Posted by Mayor Eric Garcetti on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Michelle Villemaire has found a unique way to promote Women’s History Month: yarn-bombing. Recently, she took over a Los Angeles-area park by covering its trees, fountains, benches, lampposts, and trash cans with sweater-like wraps. Her colorful and cozy creations attracted the attention of the community and then spread awareness about important women in history through tags attached to the art.

The yarn bomb is a fun learning experience for the public and for her kids, too. “They’d see me crocheting they’d ask, ‘Oh who are you working on now, Mom?’” Villemaire says. She’d reply, “Rosa Parks” or “Harriet Tubman,” opening up a dialogue about the contributions these woman have made to society. When her exhibits are over, Villemaire takes down the yarn, turns her creations into blankets, and donates them to the Downtown Women’s Shelter.

To learn more about Michelle Villemaire’s yarn-bombing, check out her website, Home Made Mimi.