Yawning Billboard Gives Free Coffee to Groggy Commuters

Sleepy São Paulo residents are treated to a caffeinated jolt, thanks to innovative train-station advertising.

image via youtube screen capture

Morning commutes suck. Unless you’re one of the rare few who wake up each day energized and rarin’ to go, you’d probably much rather snuggle back into bed, than cram yourself into a crowded train car, or gas-break-gas your way through rush-hour traffic. Yes, morning commutes suck, and for most of us the only thing that seems to make the tiniest bit of difference is a jolt of caffeine to kick start your day.

Brazilian coffee makers Café Pelé understand how rough the AM slog to work can be. In response, they’ve come up with an ingenious way to brighten up even the grouchiest of commuters’ mornings: A contagious, interactive billboard that invokes waves of yawns from sleepy São Paulo passers-by, before coming to their rescue with a free cup of coffee.

Check it out:

Created by the Lew Lora/TBWA agency, the billboard is the latest in an ongoing advertising trend that relies as much on interactive experience as it does on actual copy and imagery. As PSFK points out, this ad’s strength comes less from its innovative display, than the fact that it bridges the digital and physical worlds, turning passive viewers into active participants, and leaving them with a good taste in their mouth.

[via PSFK]