A Bike-Powered Mobile Coffee Shop Brews the Most Sustainable Cup in New York

Fueling up on coffee to power through a bike ride? Sure. Using your bike to power a coffee shop? Now you're getting interesting. Comprising two bicycles, a fold-up coffee bar, and a hand-cranked grinder, Kickstand Coffee is a mobile shop that aims to provide "the best possible cup of coffee to community events in [New York City] with the smallest environmental impact possible."

The owners tow the components of the stand behind their bikes and set up shop in locations around the city. Once they've put together the bar, they hand grind the beans for each cup. The cold coffee is cold brewed, and the hot filters through a set of handsomely modified Chemex glass beakers. Each cup of coffee—hot or cold brewed—costs $2.50, which is pretty reasonable considering it might be the most sustainably produced eye-opener in town.

New Yorkers (or people visiting the Big Apple) can follow @KickstandCoffee on Twitter to find out where they are next.

Photos via the Kickstand Gallery