#WomenNotObjects Calls Out Sexism in Advertising

If you want to protest by withholding your money, these would be some good brands to start with.

Via YouTube

Over the past half-century we’ve made gains toward demonizing sexism in the workplace, and it’s become increasinlgly frowned upon in the public sphere as well. But it’s still prevalent as ever in the world of advertising, where brands can openly promote degrading images of women and broadcast them with impunity. The advertising world knows its power to persuade the public, so advertisers should be the first people to wield that power responsibly. But rarely are they taken to task.

The #WomenNotObjects movement aims to bring attention to the objectification of women in advertising by calling out brands that demean women to make a profit. In the video below, you’ll see a small sampling of such female objectification, with real women providing an honest interpretation of the messages the ads are trying to convey. “I love giving blow jobs to sandwiches,” one says while holding an ad featuring a woman and said food item. “I love sacrificing my dignity for a drink,” says another voice, speaking for a female body spread out in anticipation of a shot of vodka. “Obviously, my cleavage can sell anything,” says another.

WARNING: Video features graphic sexual language.

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