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Young Evangelicals Are Taking the Lead on Faith-Based Climate Action

Climate change is a moral issue—a truth that has frequently been under the radar amidst a swirling debate centered on economics, policy, and science. These disciplines are certainly important and necessarily help us to understand the causes and impacts of a warming planet but what motivates action? Why does it matter?

As a young evangelical, I see the church becoming a real force in helping to answer this question as we live out what it means to love our neighbor, take care of God’s creation and speak out against injustice and oppression. Christians have a robust theology that calls us to care, a tremendous amount of expertise and resources in our churches, and we are in every corner of the globe.

I think it is young Christians who will lead this charge within our faith community just as Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (Y.E.C.A.) is doing now. Y.E.C.A. is working to mobilize our generation, to embolden the larger church to act, and to encourage the government to enact just climate legislation and provide support for the marginalized who are struggling to adapt. We are doing this because we see the climate crisis as a profound threat to the very people and creation that Jesus calls us to love, serve and protect.

I have hope in the future of our planet—not naive optimism but a deep rooted hope—because of who Jesus is and the renewed vision for action both within the church and in partnership with others around us.

To become a leader in the climate change movement, visit here and pledge your name in support of a better, cleaner tomorrow.

Illustration by Corinna Loo \n

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