• China's Pool-In-A-Box We have seen the future, and it is happening at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Check out their amazing swimming center, which is see through. There are tons more pictures here, and a lot on how this miracle of engineering will be created..
  • Pretty Papers The Society For News Design has released their annual list of the best designed newspapers in the world. None are American, or in English, but they look cool. Guess the New York TImes is a little stodgy, huh?Speaking of newspapers, check out our latest project, in which you use a newspaper as your canvas,..
  • Infiltrate Media... In our third graphic statement, Creative Time uses their public art projects to question our relationship with media.
  • Designed by Democracy At the Social Design Network, designers and activists are invited to address social issues through competitive design.
  • Urban Curators Marc and Sara Schiller collect the writing on the wall. PLUS: GOOD Video Feature
  • Dixie Chicks Vs. Band Of Horses We're told that last night's Grammy Awards had some very nice moments, none nice enough to tear our attention away from the Discovery Channel's...
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