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Spirited sign language interpreter at Foo Fighters performance builds a fanbase for epic reason

While the band set the mood right at Glastonbury with their electrifying performance, it was the sign language interpreter who stole the show.

Spirited sign language interpreter at Foo Fighters performance builds a fanbase for epic reason
Cover Image Source - (L - R) Nate Mendel, Dave Grohl and Pat Smear of Foo Fighters perform in concert during Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival on June 18, 2023 in Manchester, Tennessee. (Photo by Gary Miller/WireImage)

Glastonbury 2023 was an extraordinary five-day music festival in the UK, where one of the top spots for highlights was impressively secured by a sign language interpreter. The concert had its share of special moments but her lively performance stood out and garnered universal attention for all the right reasons. A clip shared on X (previously Twitter) shows a BBC sign language interpreter tasked with translating lyrics for the deaf and she delivered an exceptional performance during the Foo Fighter set, as reported by The Poke.


The brief yet energetic clip was uploaded on X by Stephanie Cowley-Peirce (@stephCP1975) with a caption that read, "The sign language lady on #Glastonbury23 for the Foo Fighters is amazing." This 26-second-long video saw a BSL interpreter, who has been identified as Vicky Pannell (@VickyNunn), put up a dynamic performance for the deaf community. From the very first beats of the guitar and drums, Vicky set out on a mission to translate every chord and lyric with utmost vigor and passion. For the audience, it was an exciting performance as the interpreter was in excellent sync with the band. 


As the set progressed, the interpreter's performance witnessed some excellent energy and even though lead singer Dave Grohl had taken the centerstage, all eyes were on Vicky, thanks to her infectious enthusiasm. The video was well-received and in some time, it was flooded with comments of praise and love for the BSL interpreter. "Brilliant! I love this inclusion at its best and working... thank you Foo Fighters," commented @sbrenn79 and @neilwrightlegal added: "All sign language interpreters are amazing, just some more than others!"



It is pertinent to note that sign language interpreters are required to undergo heavy training in mastering the art of sign language. In this journey, they may also face many challenges such as the diversity of signing styles and regional variations within sign languages. 

Foo Fighters' performance in Glastonbury was special for a lot more reasons. The iconic rock band delivered an amazing hour-long setlist, marking their return to the festival after six years, following the death of drummer Taylor Hawkins in 2022. During the performance, Grohl dedicated their final song "Everlong" to his late friend and bandmate - a tribute that left most fans teary-eyed. Other than Foo Fighters, the music fest saw artists like Arctic Monkey, Guns and Roses, and Elton John taking center stage and leaving the audience mesmerized.

Image Source - Getty Images I Photo by Jim Dyson
Image Source - Getty Images I Photo by Jim Dyson


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